Security Analytics

Secure your environment and meet compliance requirements using a unified machine data analytics platform built on top of the ELK Stack.

Scale to infinity

Ingest data from multiple data sources and layers. Automatically scale as you go.

Simplify security

Easily integrate security into your workflows with an easy-to-deploy and cloud-native solution.

Identify threats faster

Detect and mitigate attacks using a suite of advanced security forensics tools.

Cloud-native security. Simplified.

Secure and monitor, using one platform

Leverage the same set of data used for operations for security analytics. No context switch required.

Be proactive!

Use an extensive rule set to get alerted in real-time when a threat emerges and use advanced forensics to mitigate it!

Use the tools you know

Built on top of the ELK Stack, you can continue to use the monitoring tools you love for securing your environment. Scalability, availability and security assured.

Get started in minutes

Hit the ground running with built-in integrations for any data source. Use premade monitoring dashboards for a variety of security use cases to start identifying threats immediately.

Comply with ease

Use built-in reports, rules and integrations for complying with regulatory standards such as PCI, GDPR and SOC 2 requirements. Retain security data for extended periods of time to meet compliance requirements.

“The more you use, the more you realize that it is much more than just a log analytics tool. We use the platform in our Security Operations Center (SOC) and have found it extremely useful for connecting the dots between different types of logs. Using's AI-powered Insights, we've managed to automatically identify patterns within the data that we had previously missed. has proven to be well-suited for an enterprise deployment such as ours -- reliable and feature-rich, with performance unaffected no matter how much data we’ve thrown at it.

Moty Yacov,
CISO at NexTraiana.

Our features.
Just try ‘em out!

Easy deployment

Use the same data and analysis tools used for operations to get started in minutes. No context switch required.


Built-in integrations with any data source, including AWS, Kubernetes, firewalls, network devices and more.

Open source

Built on top of an enterprise-grade ELK Stack and integrated with open source security tools such as Wazuh and OSSEC.


Use a rich set of predefined correlation rules and get notified of threats via Slack, PagerDuty and other endpoints of your choice.

Threat intelligence

Automatic correlation with public data feeds for easier identification of malicious activity.

Cost-effective pricing

Reuse the same dataset for both operations and security. Simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

Security dashboards

Hit the ground running with premade dashboards for different security use cases and compliance requirements.


24/7 chat support, including assistance with parsing, defining correlation rules, creating visualizations and searching.

Data normalization

multi-layered support for normalizing security data, including automatic parsing.


Leverage the power of Elasticsearch for real-time and fast querying across multiple data sources


Extended retention and premade dashboards to comply with the regulatory requirements of GDPR, PCI and SOC 2.

Security Insights (coming soon)

Leverage machine learning to uncover security threats handled by other experts around the globe.

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