Streamline Your
Security Operations Center

Enlist a highly flexible, fully managed cloud SIEM

A purpose built, scalable SIEM for the cloud era

Correlate critical security incidents and intelligence

Pinpoint threats

Consolidate event data from a wide range of sources to contextualize and mitigate risk across the broad attack surface.

Target Response

Engage a cloud-native, highly flexible approach to incident analysis, backed by powerful querying and ecosystem integration.

Optimize Resources

Utilize a fully managed SIEM that enables your team to scale quickly and cover the most ground with existing expertise.

Centralize visualization of emerging threats

Maintain unified visibility into your most important security incidents across the distributed cloud environment. Employ onboard rules, along with integrated, programmable and customizable dashboards to monitor security incidents - built on leading open source technology.

Accelerate in-depth incident investigation

Employ rapid, advanced querying - backed by numerous out of the box configurations and full time security analyst support - to speed and improve investigative workflows. Combine event data with integrated security intelligence and contextual analysis to escalate critical response actions.

Advance integrated detection and response

Integrate feeds with everything from threat intelligence and security ecosystem telemetry, to Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR), driving end-to-end workflows spanning from threat detection and alerting to mitigation. Extend the value of existing investments to optimize protection.

Transform operations and decrease overhead

Enlist the power of a fully managed SIEM, backed by dedicated security analyst support, to reduce costs while optimizing the efforts of your existing staff. Scale your SOC quickly to cover more ground and free up cycles to focus on critical security response, while reducing overhead and increasing efficiency.

“Since security is always on our mind and a top priority, we had an idea that’s SIEM tool could help solve this pain by analyzing existing logs to get us the big-picture of our security events. The pre-built rules, reports, dashboards and threat intelligence feeds have been essential to securing our environment.”