Time Series Analytics

Monitor your applications with Kibana and Grafana

Logz.io Time Series Analytics allows engineers to monitor their applications and supporting infrastructure using Kibana and Grafana. Scalability, availability, and add-on features are provided out of the box.

Gain continuous operational visibility into applications and supporting infrastructure to ensure maximum performance and availability -- and ultimately, a better customer experience.

Use the open source monitoring software you love, at the scale you need, so you can spend your time on your apps and not on running and maintaining monitoring systems.

Retain metrics for extended time periods in optimized indices for trend analysis over time. Scale your applications using flexible pay-as-you-go pricing plans.

Scalable time series data

Ship as many metrics as you like without worrying about scalability issues and performance or about maintaining your own time series database.

Grafana and Kibana

Use Kibana and Grafana to analyze and visualize your time series data. Availability, security, and data scalability assured out-of-the-box.

Easy operation

Get started in minutes with out of the box integrations and premade dashboards for monitoring modern environments such as Kubernetes, Docker and cloud.

Flexible pricing

Scale from a few servers or apps to an enterprise-grade deployment with a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing plan.


Automatically detect performance issues using advanced machine learning and anomaly detection (coming soon).


Seamless integrations with Kubernetes and Prometheus, including dedicated data collectors and premade monitoring dashboards.


Gain deeper operational visibility using a unified platform for logs and metrics. See a comprehensive view of your environment and correlate between data types using the same tool.

Logz.io Time Series Analytics - Early Availability!

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