Observability IQ

Instant Insights with AI-Powered Observability

Stop Chasing Alerts. Get Ahead of Problems with AI-Powered Observability.

Stop Chasing Alerts. Get Ahead of Problems with AI-Powered Observability.

Logz.io Observability IQ™ revolutionizes analysis and troubleshooting with targeted AI —
providing guided observability that automates and speeds up workflows, levels up
processes, and empowers users of all skill levels.

Chat with your Data through
Observability IQ Assistant

  • Leverage an automated chat interface to converse with data to enable and inform investigation
  • Automate manual querying to empower in-depth analysis and enact intuitive, targeted response
  • Enable less experienced analysts to immediately benefit from deep system insights and the inputs of experienced teammates


Chat with your Data through
Observability IQ Assistant

What can you ask Logz.io
Observability IQ Assistant?

System StatusSystem Status
System Status
  • How is service health looking?
  • Any alerting trends in requests, latency or errors?
  • Am I experiencing data bottlenecks?
Present IssuesPresent Issues
Present Issues
  • What is causing latency with my applications?
  • Has a recent deployment created any issues?
  • Tell me more about [reported condition]?
  • What areas of my environment need attention?
  • What are the recommended next steps?
  • What is the quickest path to resolving issues we’re seeing?

Detect and Alert on Issues with Anomaly Detection on Services

  • Apply advanced Anomaly Detection for dynamic alerting and investigation of issues occurring within specific application services
  • Automatically generate real-time insights into performance of key services, operations, metrics, and endpoints to enable response
  • Launch proactive investigation into previously undetected issues based on historical data and proven remediation steps

Reduce MTTR and Increase Productivity with Alert Recommendations

  • Prioritize investigation and speed response through automated recommendations based on previous investigations
  • Model successful actions taken by platform users to advise subsequent analysis into similar issues
  • Immediately identify the fastest, most-effective resolution path to cut MTTR based on contextual analysis
Reduce MTTR and Increase Productivity with Alert Recommendations

Control Cost and Complexity with
AI-backed Data Optimization Hub

  • Inventory all incoming data to intelligently classify telemetry, filter out unneeded data and focus on what really matters
  • Automatically reduce cost and complexity – most customers realize 30-50% cost reductions by filtering unnecessary data
  • Continuously optimize data management and retention, ensuring the most efficient classification and storage, by use case

Logz.io Observability IQ FAQs

What is AI-powered observability?

AI-powered observability is the practice of integrating artificial intelligence technologies to enhance the observability of IT infrastructures. This includes the introduction of both vendor-produced proprietary AI and generative AI driven by the ever-expanding world of large language models (LLMs).

AI-powered observability enhances the traditional monitoring tools by adding layers of intelligence, prediction, guidance and automation, which are crucial for managing complex and dynamic IT environments effectively.

How does AI-powered observability differ from traditional observability?

Traditional observability focuses on collecting and visualizing telemetry data (including the “three pillars” of logs, metrics and traces) to diagnose issues impacting system availability and performance — allowing you to troubleshoot and improve mean time to recovery (MTTR).

AI-powered observability goes further by integrating both proprietary and generative AI to analyze data, detect anomalies, predict issues before they occur, and automate responses.

What is AIOps?

AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance and automate IT operations processes. In its simplest terms, AIOps is a service that captures event data and synthesizes it with machine learning capabilities.

The goal of AIOps is to streamline and improve IT operations through automation and data-driven insights, leading to more efficient operations, reduced downtime, and better performance.

What is the difference between AIOps and observability?

Observability provides the data foundation that AIOps needs. Without comprehensive observability, AIOps cannot function effectively because it lacks the detailed data required to make predictions and automate processes. Conversely, AIOps extends the value of observability by adding layers of intelligence, automation, and predictive capabilities to help manage systems more proactively.

While observability concentrates on data collection and providing insight and actionability into critical systems, AIOps uses event data to automate processes and predict future actions, enhancing the efficiency of IT operations. Together, they create a more resilient and responsive IT infrastructure.

Is AI-powered observability suitable for any size of business?

Businesses of any size can benefit from AI-powered observability, especially as they scale and their IT systems become more complex. While large organizations immediately benefit from the increased ability to understand their sprawling infrastructure, smaller organizations gain the ability to cover more ground with their existing teams, and budgets.

Can Logz.io Observability IQ really help reduce observability costs? How?

Observability IQ extends the power and expertise of your existing team, reducing hours previously spent on manual tasks so your team can focus on bigger, revenue-impacting projects and help narrow knowledge gaps. You gain the ability to move faster and with greater accuracy, massively increasing return on investment.

Our AI capabilities can also help you separate needed telemetry data from the massive volumes of noisy, unneeded data. Utilizing our AI-driven Data Optimization Hub, you can automatically reduce your cost and complexity; most customers realize 30-50% cost reductions by filtering our unnecessary data.

How does Logz.io Observability IQ Assistant help with debugging application issues?

Logz.io Observability IQ Assistant enables engineers and QA teams to:

  • Understand how new deployments have impacted my applications even faster, automatically performing in-depth contextual analysis
  • Quickly focus and refine analysis to concentrate on specific issues or timeframes, without immediate need for added querying or dashboards
  • Immediately access proven steps to address any errors discovered, moving directly from analysis to response activities
How can Logz.io Observability IQ Assistant help with application performance monitoring?

Developers and SREs can leverage Observability IQ Assistant to:

  • Enlist AI to immediately accelerate their work, leveraging the system to find potential issues that they weren’t otherwise aware of
  • Move from chasing alerts and composing queries to asking the system to do this work, automatically pinpointing the biggest issues
  • Utilize progressively more informed analysis steps from a single interface, before drilling down into the results to perform hands-on work

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