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The business of observability is all about data: what you’re observing in the data, how you’re visualizing it, what it indicates about the state of your environment, and how to address issues that may occur. Creating your own perspective for observability, and understanding what you’re seeing, can be difficult.

The use of both generative and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) by independent software vendors (ISVs) in the observability space has skyrocketed—the landscape here is very different than it was even a few months ago. 

This industry trend can raise questions about what’s happening with your critical data. What data can the AI system access? How is data being secured? As such, ISVs must adopt a mature approach to handling data, emphasizing data privacy and integrity. 

Observability solutions like our Open 360™ platform must therefore adhere to stringent data privacy standards. has embraced this ethos, ensuring that our observability platform—powered by AI—is not only effective but also trustworthy and secure. Here’s how we do it.

Trustworthy Observability with AI

Our approach to AI—through our Observability IQTM strategy and the recently-introduced Observability IQ Assistant—ensures that we handle data responsibly, securing it from potential misuse and aligning with legal and ethical standards.

Data security is at the heart of our AI-powered observability solutions. We’ve taken a multifaceted approach to secure our users’ data:

Encryption: All data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption techniques. This ensures that unauthorized parties cannot access or read your data.

Access Controls: We implement strict access controls and audit logs, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your data. Regular reviews and updates of our security policies ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Advanced Security Measures: To protect against data breaches, we employ advanced security measures including intrusion detection systems, regular security audits, and incident response plans.

Compliance with Regulations: We comply with GDPR and other relevant privacy regulations, ensuring that your data is handled in accordance with all applicable laws. Our commitment to regulatory compliance reinforces our dedication to protecting your data.

Our approach to AI involves transparency and responsibility in how we use data:

Data Usage for Training: We do not use your data for training our AI models. This policy ensures that your data remains private and is not repurposed without your consent.

Multi-Tenancy: Our instance of AI models is hosted on AWS Bedrock that uses strict logical isolation.

Stateless: This model is stateless, meaning it does not retain any data from interactions, further safeguarding your information.

Controlled Data Access: The AI Assistant can only access data explicitly provided during interactions. It does not have access to your entire dataset or any unauthorized information.’s Commitment to Compliance and Transparency – FAQs

Our commitment to data privacy extends to how we inform and interact with our users. We’ve added comprehensive FAQs to address common concerns and ensure transparency.

Do you use my data for training? No, we do not. No data will be used to train AI models.

Are you using a private or public instance? We use a private instance using AWS Bedrock. The model is stateless, and data will never be shared with anyone.

How is my data secured? Your data is secured using industry-standard encryption both at rest and in transit. We follow best practices for data security and comply with relevant regulations.

Can the AI Assistant access all my data? The AI Assistant can only access data that you explicitly provide during interactions. It does not have access to your entire dataset or any unauthorized information.

How do you ensure the privacy of my data? We implement strict access controls and audit logs to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your data. We also regularly review and update our security policies.

What measures are in place to protect against data breaches? We employ advanced security measures such as intrusion detection systems, regular security audits, and incident response plans to protect against data breaches.

Do you comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations? Yes, we comply with GDPR and other relevant privacy regulations. We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.

Where is the model hosted? The model is hosted in the same AWS region where your data is stored. For example, if your data is hosted in Frankfurt, the AWS model will be hosted in the Frankfurt region.

You can learn more about how secures customer data here.

Learn More about’s Observability IQ Capabilities’s approach to AI-powered observability is rooted in a mature, ethical, and secure handling of data. By implementing robust security measures, adhering to regulatory requirements, and ensuring transparent communication with our users, we provide a trustworthy observability platform. 

Whether you’re using or any other AI service, it’s crucial to ensure that proper policies and legal requirements are in place to safeguard your data integrity and privacy.

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