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DevOps Pulse

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What is the DevOps Pulse?

The DevOps Pulse is’s annual analysis of the DevOps industry highlighting key trends, points of interest, and challenges that DevOps and IT Operations professionals experience on a daily basis.

This year, over 1,000 IT professionals across the globe provided their insights on how DevOps is changing and expanding on an international level throughout various industries.

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2018 area of focus: security

Each year, the DevOps Pulse homes in on an area of particular concern to the DevOps community. With GDPR now enforceable and worldwide organizational concerns over security and data privacy, there is no better time to focus on security.

That’s why this year’s DevOps Pulse Survey explores the usual trends in DevOps along with a dedicated section devoted to security and its implementation in DevOps organizations.

Noteworthy Insights
The tech industry is not ready for GDPR, leaving companies vulnerable to tremendous liabilities and risks.
DevOps professionals are responsible for security operations in their organizations, yet they lack the tools and strategies to handle it effectively.
Despite the fact that it is clearly a male-dominated industry, tech organizations fail to recognize their own diversity problem.
Kubernetes has taken over DevOps, growing exponentially in adoption over the past two years.
CI/CD strategy plays a crucial role in DevOps teams today.
Serverless technology has grown tremendously in just one year’s time.