Simplify Kubernetes monitoring on AWS with

Simplify Kubernetes monitoring on AWS with recently published a post on the Amazon Web Services’ partner blog on how to simplify AWS monitoring with In this post, you’ll learn how to do Kubernetes monitoring—sending logs and metrics—using FluentD and Metricbeat, respectively. You can also find this information in’s public product documentation.

After that, you’ll learn two strategies for identifying and troubleshooting production issues in your AWS environment. 

The first strategy identifies a Java Stack Trace exception using Infrastructure Monitoring — our new metrics monitoring solution — and Log management, based on the ELK Stack. See how easy it is to correlate metrics with the associated logs to immediately begin troubleshooting an issue in Kibana after identifying it in the Infrastructure Monitoring metrics UI.

The second strategy uses Cognitive Insights to identify an SSL error. Cognitive Insights identifies specific logged events that indicate an oncoming production issue, which could have otherwise been lost in a sea of log data. See how Form3 used this strategy to identify production issues in their environment.

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