Announcing the RemoteWrite SDK for Custom Metrics in Python, Go & More

RemoteWrite SDK for Custom Metrics with

We’re proud to announce the creation of a new RemoteWrite SDK to support custom metrics from applications using Golang (Go), Python, and Java, with many more on the way. Each SDK will have automatic, continuous deployment of updates.

Using these integrations, Prometheus users can send metrics directly to using the RemoteWrite protocol without sending them to Prometheus first. Each SDK, while for a separate language, is each capable of working with frameworks like Thanos, Cortex, and of course M3DB.

The new RemoteWrite SDK is an open source tool from our team here at We started off looking for a way to make it easier for our customers to send us metrics straight from code, and decided to move toward something that would benefit the Prometheus and DevOps communities at large.

The first SDKs allow shipping for metrics from Golang (Go), Python, Java, .NET, and Node.js . While the JAVA SDK uses a Micrometer registry, the Go and Python editions are native integrations based on OpenTelemetry. We plan to add more languages to the arsenal, starting with Python, Go, Java, then adding .NET and Node.js in the near future.

We have tried to make the process as straightforward as possible. For the next several weeks, we will produce and post tutorials for each respective SDK, starting with Python.

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