Product Spotlight: Announcing Power Search for Log Restore

Product Spotlight

We’re excited to announce significant improvements to our Archive+Restore capabilities – which enables low-cost long term log storage in AWS S3 or Azure Blob, while providing access to ingest those logs into at any time.

The first enhancement is Power Search, which will make it faster to restore logs from archived log data in AWS S3 (and soon for Azure Blob) in our Open 360™ platform. We also added filters to the restore function so customers can restore data that matters most to them, rather than restoring all the data within the defined time frame.

With this new capability, we are simplifying one of our most popular cost management capabilities—Archive & Restore—so customers can quickly access specific log data archived in cheap cloud storage.

Why We Built Power Search for Log Restore

Log data can have many different use cases—some data requires frequent search and in-depth analysis, while other data is needed mainly for compliance reasons and is rarely accessed.

For this reason,’s log storage architecture is designed to match the data’s use case with its storage costs. For use cases where the data isn’t accessed often, the customer should pay less. Log data is not created equally, so it shouldn’t be charged equally. Archive & Restore is an important part of that architecture. Infrequently-accessed data can be stored in cheap cloud storage including AWS S3 and Azure Blob, and restored whenever it’s needed. That is a cost-efficient alternative to storing low priority data. 

As you can see below, you can easily configure an identity and access management (IAM) role to connect with your S3 bucket to begin archiving your data, rather than indexing and paying for it like your critical troubleshooting data.

With Power Search for log restoration, retrieving your data from an AWS S3 bucket is faster and more precise than ever.

First, customers can now filter the data they restore into, rather than ingesting all of the data within a specific timeframe. By focusing on the data customers need the most, customers can reduce the amount of data being restored, control costs, and accelerate restoration.

Second, restoration is now much faster than it was. Customers can now query and retrieve their specified data from AWS S3 in minutes to quickly get the insights they need. Power Search uses free text search to narrow down the data. From there, use filters to query the data by field to return the desired results.

For now, customers can leverage Power Search free of charge. In the future, you’ll be able to estimate your costs before running a Power Search against your archived data.

Economical Observability Starts with Smarter Data Management

Observability data analytics—particularly logging—grows increasingly expensive as cloud workloads grow. 

Huge volumes of observability data are rarely (if ever) used—creating an opportunity for cost reduction. Archive & Restore is a simple solution to maintain access to huge amounts of rarely-used log data, without having to pay the same price as your critical troubleshooting log data.

By making Archive & Restore easier and faster, our customers are more likely to use the feature to reduce their costs. 

To try it yourself, login to your account and go to the ‘Archive & Restore’ tab in the ‘Logs’ menu.

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