Exciting News From Logz.io – We’ve Secured $8 Million in Series A Funding


I’m excited today to announce our official launch as well as our Series A funding, led by 83North (Formerly Greylock-IL) and Giza Venture Capital, which has brought the amount of money raised over the last eleven months to $8 million. We’re fortunate to have Erez Ofer from 83North and Eyal Niv from Giza on our board, helping us to grow Logz.io, scale it, and make our vision a reality.

I thought it is a good opportunity to retrospect and share some thoughts about who we are as a company and talk about the values we care about.

Our Users

We care about users. I know all companies care about their users, but we’re a little obsessed with engaging with them and learning from the interactions. We talk to as many as we can, all the time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to new technologies like Intercom.io, we’re able to engage in meaningful discussions — and that has been an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration for us.

We’re a young company, but we already have users from more than 60 countries around the world who interact with us, share what they like and dislike, and help to make the Logz.io platform better. This has been our passion from Day One, way before the product even existed. We wanted to create a product that people love and use every day, and I think we’re working to do exactly that.

“Eat Your Own Dog Food”

We take “eat your own dog food” to the extreme.

There is a huge advantage to being a day-to-day user of your own product. As the CEO, I use it every day to see our metrics and analytics — in the exact same way as our users. When your product is being used daily by all of the engineers, product team members, and business teams, it makes the feedback loop much shorter and more powerful. If the product is not amazing, we all feel the pain. When we’re designing new, exciting features, our developers are inspired to make them awesome because they see the value of the features themselves.

I think that all of us, as a team, feel the pain the product is solving and understand the value it brings to us and to our users, and that creates a strong conviction that we’re doing the right thing.

Team and Culture

It is really all about the people. We are extremely lucky to have gathered a group of amazing people who also happened to be extraordinary professionals coming from leading companies such as Akamai, Outbrain, Check-Point, and Juniper as well as veterans from technology units in the IDF.

There are no walls between the team and our users. If you’re a user, you can chat directly with the engineers, provide feedback, and get assistance. It’s the kind of culture that generates transparency, commitment, and focus — all the values in which I strongly believe.

I’m proud and excited to be a part of the team and can’t wait to see it grow further. I have no doubt that without that culture and utmost commitment to the team, we would not be able to onboard hundreds of new companies to the platform in just a few months. It’s an extraordinary achievement that we hadn’t even thought possible.

Generation D (Data)

The reason tools such as Logz.io are gaining traction is that a new generation of people and companies has formed over the last couple of years. They take decisions based on real, solid data. It’s no longer only about a feeling, an intuition, or a hunch. They want to make thoughtful decisions based on objective metrics and analytics data.

If you came by our offices, you’ll see dashboards, graphs, and analytics showing real-time data on so many of the moving parts in our engineering and business teams. This is how we design features, assign R&D tasks, and conduct business activities.

We’re a part of Generation D and aim to become the log analytics platform for Generation D organizations. Our customers use Logz.io to get complete visibility into their infrastructure, which allows them to get data-driven insights based on machine data generated from their applications and infrastructure.

We hear from them that it enables them to be more productive, resolve production problems faster and even avoid production issues. They achieve all that through a simple and secure cloud service, avoiding the huge overhead associated with building such a system on their own.

We’re thrilled to announce this funding, which will take our product and service to more and more companies around the world.

For the full news release, see here.

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