Distributed Tracing, based on Jaeger, the CNCF’s popular open source tracing solution, enhances Logz.io’s end-to-end, cloud-native observability platform

BOSTON & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Logz.io, the leading cloud-native observability platform for modern DevOps teams, today announced the launch of the Jaeger-based Distributed Tracing solution at its ScaleUP 2020 user conference. Distributed Tracing enhances and completes Logz.io’s ground-breaking observability mission of providing the best-of-breed open source monitoring tools on a fully managed SaaS platform. Logz.io is now the first observability provider to enable engineers to collect, analyze and correlate logs, metrics and traces on a single, open source-based platform to make production monitoring and troubleshooting faster and easier.As engineering teams continue to develop microservices based applications, the complexities of this increasingly distributed architecture have made it harder to identify and isolate production issues. The open source tracing project, Jaeger, governed and supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, was conceived at Uber in response to these monitoring challenges and their business need to build a microservices and cloud native architecture to meet demands for scale. Jaeger responds to the fundamental shift in the development and operational needs of engineers by supporting the monitoring, verification, debugging, and performance of cloud native applications. According to the recent DevOps Pulse 2020 from Logz.io, Jaeger and other tracing solutions are emerging, with 68% of the 1,000+ engineers surveyed stating that the technology “plays an important role in their observability strategy.”

The Logz.io Distributed Tracing solution complements the ELK-based Log Management and Prometheus-based Infrastructure Monitoring offerings to provide engineers with an easy-to-use, fully managed and integrated platform. Logz.io Distributed Tracing is completely cloud-based, easy to deploy and onboard. Engineers can use Distributed Tracing to gain a system-wide view of their architecture, stay alerted on failed or high latency requests, and quickly drill into end-to-end call sequences of selected requests of intercommunicating microservices. Users can also reduce time to detect and time to resolve by navigating between traces, logs and metrics. The launch of Jaeger-based Distributed Tracing further solidifies Logz.io’s commitment to the open source community by contributing features and fixes to Jaeger.

“Logz.io Distributed Tracing has been a boost to our development pipelines, allowing us to pindown issues with massive precision,” said Richard Pablo, Principal Software Engineer, Asavie. “And, the best part is that it is nicely integrated with the rest of the open source tools we use, alongside the best-in-class support in the market.”

Key benefits of Distributed Tracing include:

  • Unification with Log Management and Infrastructure Monitoring
    Engineers can monitor and analyze logs, metrics, and traces based on ELK, Prometheus, and Jaeger on one unified platform. Jaeger, along with Logz.io’s offering, adheres to the open source projects OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry and guarantees that application instrumentation and trace data will remain relevant across frameworks now and into the future.
  • Open Source + Advanced Analytics
    Distributed Tracing enables seamless alerting and correlation between logs and traces. This workflow unifies monitoring and troubleshooting to facilitate faster root cause analysis.
  • Ease of Use and Cost Efficiency
    The solution supports the rich ecosystem of instrumented tracing frameworks, databases and programming languages. Engineers can easily deploy Distributed Tracing and avoid the steep costs of leading proprietary APM-based solutions, and the overhead of managing open source components at scale.

“We are excited to unveil Distributed Tracing to our global community at ScaleUP. This solution marks a significant milestone in the development of our end-to-end observability platform,” said Tomer Levy, CEO and Co-founder of Logz.io. “Engineers can now quickly and easily deploy an open source-based tracing solution that allows fast and seamless correlation between logs, metrics and traces on one unified SaaS platform.”

For more information on Distributed Tracing, and to read about other product announcements made at ScaleUP 2020, visit the Logz.io blog.

About Logz.io

Logz.io is the leading cloud-native observability platform that enables engineers to use the best open source tools in the market without the complexity of operating, managing, and scaling them. Logz.io offers four products: Log Management built on ELK, Infrastructure Monitoring based on Prometheus, Distributed Tracing based on Jaeger, and an ELK-based Cloud SIEM. These are offered as fully managed, integrated cloud services designed to help engineers monitor, troubleshoot and secure their distributed cloud workloads more effectively. Engineering driven companies like Siemens, Turner Broadcasting, and Unity use Logz.io to simplify monitoring and security workflows, increasing developer productivity, reducing time to resolve issues, and increasing the performance and security of their mission-critical applications.


Jeff Benanto