Multi-Cloud Archive & Restore: Azure Blob Storage and AWS S3 Support

Archive & Restore: Now Available for Azure Blob Storage has recently launched its Smart Tiering solution, which gives you the flexibility to place data on different tiers to optimize cost, performance and availability. Our mission has been to make Smart Tiering a multi-cloud and multi-region service. As part of this launch, we are glad to announce that the Historical Tier now supports Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, alongside AWS S3.

This is an important benefit to our Azure users, who can now archive their historical log data to the Blob Storage service on their Azure account alongside the rest of their application and data on Azure.

Archive to a cloud storage of choice: Azure and AWS

When you need to look into the data, you can click to restore the data from the storage. This , which will index it into’s Elasticsearch backend, so you can explore it in Kibana just as you do with your real-time data. But even better: it doesn’t even come at the expense of your regular retention quota!

The restored data is placed on a separate temporary sub-account, with its own quota, available free of charge for a limited volume and retention. That way,, so you can investigate the incident without impacting the operational level of your real-time or smart tiers.

If you are an avid DevOps practitioner, you’d be glad to know that the Archive and Restore functionalities are also available via API. This means that if you set up accounts and other resources as code with Terraform or the likes, then you can also script the setup of your archive.

With our multi-cloud RESTful API, setting up the archive is a simple POST request, in which you specify the storage type to either “S3” or “BLOB” and the vendor-specific storage settings:

  "storageType": "BLOB",
  "enabled": true,
  "compressed": true,
  "amazonS3StorageSettings": {
    "credentialsType": "IAM",
    "path": "string",
    "s3SecretCredentials": {
      "accessKey": "string",
      "secretKey": "string"
    "s3IamCredentials": {
      "arn": "string"
  "azureBlobStorageSettings": {
    "tenantId": "string",
    "clientId": "string",
    "clientSecret": "string",
    "accountName": "string",
    "containerName": "string",
    "path": "string"

For more information on the available data tiers, see Smart Tiering solution.

For specifics on the historical tier, see the Archive & Restore documentation and the corresponding API documentation.

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