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Monitoring based on ELK & Grafana.
The way engineers wish it could work.

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Focus on What Matters

Fully managed service frees you from the burden of maintaining, monitoring, upgrading and scaling your monitoring systems.


Do More With the Data you Have

Unified platform using logs and metrics for monitoring, troubleshooting, and security.


Detect Incidents Faster

Advanced analytics and AI to help you cut through the noise and detect operational and security threats faster.


You Are Not Alone

Stay calm, we have you covered. We are here when you need us, on demand, 24/7.

we're engineers too.

Logz.io was founded by two engineers who saw how challenging it was to operate software across distributed infrastructure at cloud scale. To this day, we pride ourselves on being a company built for engineers, by engineers.

This is Our Story

700+ Happy Customers

Dave Lemaire
Joe Miller
Erez Lotan
Kash Law

“Moving to Logz.io allowed us to not worry about scale and know that we could scale if we needed to and leave it in the hands of the experts as opposed to having our own staff maintain our own logging solution”

Dave Lemaire, Software Development Director

“The expertise Logz.io brought to our business was running the ELK Stack. We wanted to save our engineering resources for improving the company’s product and not maintaining a logging system. Logz.io enabled us to do just this.”

Joe Miller, Lead System Engineer

“Logz.io is much more than a log management system, it’s a window into production. I would definitely recommend Logz.io to any of my colleagues.”

Erez Lotan, Director of R&D

“Logz.io is easy to use and took us a day to implement. The benefits that Logz.io provides within the product are phenomenal”.

Kash Law, Senior DevOps Engineer

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