End-to-end Cloud Monitoring BUILT FOR SCALE

Unified log, metric, and trace analytics for any stack

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A new observability experience for the modern engineer

We know engineers love open source. So we supercharged the best open source monitoring tools — including ELK, Prometheus, and Jaeger — and unified them on a scalable SaaS platform.

Centralize your monitoring data

Collect and analyze your logs, metrics, and traces on one unified platform for end-to-end monitoring.

Step up your dashboarding

Visualize your data on easy-to-use and customizable monitoring dashboards.

Surface issues with AI/ML

Logz.io’s human-coached AI/ML automatically uncovers errors and exceptions in your logs.

Alert on critical events in real-time

Quickly respond to new events with alerting to Slack, PagerDuty, Gmail, and other end points.

Lightning fast log search

Add high-performance search filters to quickly find the relevant logs. No query language needed.

Scan through all your logs in seconds

Automatically group similar logs together to scan through all of your log data in seconds.

Correlate logs, metrics, and traces

Find a problem? Investigate the root cause in context by seeing the related logs or traces in a click.

Pinpoint high latency in your microservices faster

Map your application requests to pinpoint bottlenecks in your microservices with Distributed Tracing.

Get started with Cloud SIEM quickly

Just create an account and begin shipping logs to gain visibility into threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

Prioritize security events

Hundreds of out-of-the-box rules make it easy to highlight and prioritize critical security events.

Investigate incidents quickly

Investigate security events with prebuilt dashboards based on popular cloud technologies.

Seamless threat detection

Cross reference logs with threat feeds to surface malicious IPs, URLs, and DNSs.

Monitor any stack at any scale

Logz.io is based on the most popular monitoring technologies in the world, which easily integrate with today’s cloud environments.

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