Make ELK Easier, Faster,
& More Cost Effective With

As log volume grows, ELK performance issues and downtime can get in the way of fast troubleshooting and drain your resources. addresses these challenges, letting users continue using the ELK technology they know and love today with additional powerful features and zero maintenance.

Why Elk Users đź’›

Organizations who use can:

  • Move away from managing ELK to focus on mission-critical tasks.
  • Troubleshoot quickly with insights from high-performance AI/ML log analytics.
  • Reduce noisy data to focus on what matters most.
  • Save money with flexible storage options for aging log data.
"We selected as our logging provider because of the familiarity with ELK stack, and in addition, because offered a lot of cost savings plus the added benefit of not having to manage the infrastructure."
Vadim Supitzkiy
CTO, Forbes