Application Monitoring

Monitor and optimize the performance of your applications.

Maximize uptime and performance

Gain complete visibility into your applications to ensure maximum performance and availability -- and ultimately, a better customer experience.

Enhance productivity

Focus on building and monitoring your apps instead of on maintaining your monitoring and logging infrastructure.

Optimize costs

Use a set of analytics and optimization tools to reduce your overall monitoring expenses as your application grows.

Get started in minutes

Use 50+ integrations to hook into any data source. Deploy pre-made monitoring dashboards for your application instead of starting from scratch.

See it all in one place

Analyze your data in Kibana and Prometheus, side by side. Monitor both your logs and metrics within the same platform. No context-switch required.

Troubleshoot faster with AI

Identify issues on time and before they cause downtime using advanced machine learning and crowdsourcing. Troubleshoot errors and exceptions using the knowledge and experience of other engineers.

Get alerted on critical issues

Get notified in real-time when an application is underperforming. Send alerts via email, Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, or any other incident management platform you might be using.

“ stood out to us in the log analytics space for its scalability and flexibility, and the fact that it’s built on a popular open source platform means we can take advantage of a huge set of skills without needing to build anything proprietary. In a complex environment like ours, having a tool that gives us complete visibility and intelligent insights is invaluable to ensuring our operations run smoothly.״

Joseph Poirier,
Director, Cloud Platform