Reduce MTTR with Advanced Cloud Monitoring Solutions

Reduce MTTR with Advanced Cloud Monitoring Solutions

Troubleshoot production issues with confidence and
reduce MTTR using Open 360™’s advanced
— yet easy-to-use — observability tools designed to
help you surface critical data quickly to minimize
service interruptions.

Rapid Log Search and Visualization

Reduce MTTR with fast queries, real time visualization, and AI-assisted search.

Correlate Across Logs, Metrics, and Traces

Investigate with context by unifying and correlating different signals.

Pinpoint Latency Within Application Requests

Visualize application request flows with Distributed Tracing.

Eliminate Noisy Data That Slows Troubleshooting

Identify and remove unneeded data that obscures critical insights.

Easy-To-Use, Customizable Alerting

Surface problems as they arise to begin troubleshooting.

Correlate telemetry data for faster MTTR

  • Investigate with context: Find spiking CPU metrics or latency in your traces? Immediately gain context around the problem by correlating across your logs, metrics, and traces to investigate the root cause of production issues.
  • Change analysis: Quickly understand how changes in production affect surrounding services by cross referencing new deployments and configurations against your observability data.

Visualize the flow of application requests to pinpoint latency

  • Pinpoint latency: Tracing breaks down complex application requests spanning multiple microservices so you can easily visualize and investigate latency within any operation.
  • Get an overview of app performance: Get a high level view of application error rates and latency with Service Performance Monitoring, and quickly dive into details to investigate the root cause of problems.
  • Compare traces to monitor changes: Compare trace data over time to understand how services respond to changes in your environment.
Visualize the flow of application requests to pinpoint latency

Eliminate noisy data that clutters monitoring analytics’s Data Optimization Manager makes it easy to remove noisy data that obscures the critical insights needed to troubleshoot quickly. Use self-service tools or direct support from our Support Engineers to identify and remove noisy data.


Get alerted on critical issues

  • Automated alerts: Set threshold-based alerts to monitor log, metric, or trace data – automatically surfacing performance and health issues across your whole stack, from a single host to an entire cluster.
  • Send notifications to your alerting endpoints: Send notifications to Slack, Email, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and other alerting endpoints.
  • Highly customizable: Build complex alerting logic using multiple trigger conditions to limit noisy notifications and improve MTTR.
  • Schedule alerts: Easily mute alerts during upgrades, maintenance, or other specific time periods.
  • Build informed response: Tap into supervised machine learning via Alert Recommendations that model and learn from ongoing investigations.
Get alerted on critical issues
Easily add thresholds, conditions, and endpoints for alerts.

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