AI-Powered IT Operations Analytics

Detect critical events in real time
Infrastructure monitoring to identify application-level issues and events
Troubleshooting and forensics with alerts and a searchable Kibana interface
Seamless integration with cloud providers including AWS and Heroku
AI-Powered IT Operations Analytics

Troubleshoot With
Thousands of Engineers

Cognitive Insights™ focuses on how people throughout the world are interacting with log data rather than just on the log data itself. Imagine using AI to troubleshoot issues in production together with hundreds or thousands of other engineers in the room.

Troubleshoot WithThousands of Engineers

Harness the Knowledge of
the Social Web uses artificial intelligence to research and collect the industry’s knowledge of events and anomolies within log data from locations such as online discussion forums, Google searches for relevant information, and GitHub. Use the Web to resolve issues quickly and easily.

Harness the Knowledge ofthe Social Web

Search Through Millions of
Records in Seconds

The Kibana-based interface lets you search through millions of records to investigate current or potential issues and pinpoint the logs that matter. The results can be filtered by server, application, or any custom-defined parameter to find the source of the problem.

Search Through Millions ofRecords in Seconds

Use Auto-Generated
Monitoring Dashboards

Download monitoring dashboards for different servers, applications, and services from the online ELK Apps library. The dashboards are generated by our machine learning technology and are also contributed by users.

Use Auto-GeneratedMonitoring Dashboards

Turn machine data into actionable insights with ELK as a Service