Kibana alerts

Be proactive! Define and customize event-based alerts using an advanced, built-in alerting engine

Getting notified when critical events are taking place in your environment is crucial for fast and effective monitoring and troubleshooting. has developed an elaborate alerting mechanism that allows users to create customized log-based alerts and share them across the organization.

Create your alert based on a Kibana query and configure the exact trigger conditions

Notify relevant and interested parties via email, built-in integrations, or webhooks

Manage your alerts, finetune their configurations and minimize operational noise

Proactive log analysis

Instead of waiting for the customer complaint, get alerted on errors and bugs taking place in real time in your environment. Use alerts to get notified on malicious activity or anomalous behavior or to get alerted on abnormal resource utilization.

Fight alert fatigue with accurate alerts

Too many alerts defeats the purpose. Pinpoint the event you want to be notified about using Kibana querying. Customize the format of the alert to ensure your alerts displays the data that matters. Use grouping and aggregation options to group results by specific fields so the resulting alert is as concise and accurate as possible.

Ring the bell! Notify your team

Decide who to notify. Send the alert out as an email or use pre-configured integrations with popular messaging and incident management platforms, such as Slack, PagerDuty, and more. Or, define your own endpoint using webhook URLs.