ELK Apps

Hit the ground running with ready-made Kibana visualizations and dashboards

Building your Kibana dashboard requires experience, familiarity with your data, and time. Logz.io’s ELK Apps are a free collection of premade Kibana objects, including searches, alerts, visualizations and dashboards that saves you valuable time.

Over 500 different visualizations and dashboards for various log types

Search and install in 1-click! Easily find your Kibana object and deploy it in no time.

Community driven - ELK Apps includes contributions by users like you.

Rich variety of use cases

ELK Apps is the largest repository of Kibana objects on the market, consisting of hundreds of different searches, alerts, visualizations and dashboards for commonly used log types, including: AWS services (ELB, RDS, Lambda, CloudTrail, CloudWatch), Docker, Apache, Nginx, IIS, Beats, and more.

Install with one click

No additional configuration steps are required. Simply open ELK Apps, enter your search and browse the results. Find an object that interests you? Simply hit the Install button to deploy it in Kibana.

Contribute your dashboard

ELK Apps is a community driven feature, consisting of contributions from other Logz.io users. Got a dashboard visualization you want to share? Help us build this collection by submitting it to ELK Apps.