Logz.io Open Source

Logz.io is based on open source. Our architecture relies on a variety of projects that enable us to offer a robust, reliable and scalable log analysis solution. We believe strongly in reciprocation, and are committed to contributing back to the community to foster a healthy ecosystem that benefits all involved parties.


Continuous Deployment (CD) tool for deploying on Kubernetes


A JSON transformation library for enriching and processing JSON documents


One liner tool for polling JMX and writing into Graphite.


Container that get stats from Elasticsearch and forward to Graphite

Guice Jersey

Guice module for starting a Jetty based rest server with Jersey

Elasticsearch Benchmarker

Tool to benchmark Elasticsearch

Logz.io Logback appender

Logback appender that ships logs to Logz.io using HTTPS bulk

Elasticsearch Stress Test

Simple indexing stress testing tool for Elasticsearch

Logz.io Winston

Winston Transport Logger

Logz.io Bunyan

A Logzio stream for the Bunyan logger

Logz.io nodejs

NodeJs logger for sending logs to Logz.io

Logz.io Python Handler

Python logging handler that sends your logs to Logz.io using the https bulk input

Logz.io Java Sender

Sends documents directly from Java code

Logzio Log4j2 appender

Log4j appender

CloudWatch Shipper

Lambda function for shipping logs to Logz.io from AWS CloudWatch

Fluentd Plugin

Fluentd plugin for shipping logs to Logz.io using Fluentd

Logz.io dotnet

Logz.io shippers for .NET frameworks, log4net, NLog