The AI-powered platform is core to RAC’s digital transformation strategy

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and BOSTON, MA — Rent-A-Center (RAC), the leading furniture and electronics rent-to-own company, has placed Cognitive Insights,’s revolutionary AI-powered IT analytics platform, at the core of its digital transformation strategy.

Cognitive Insights uses machine learning to analyze human interaction with log data to uncover irregularities in IT environments. After embarking on this new system, RAC reported that Cognitive Insights helped the company to properly detect potential threats before they impact customers.

As RAC began its digital transformation, the use of the open source ELK Stack was the obvious software to choose to centralize and monitor log data. The platform removes the necessity for developers and engineers to log directly into the production systems to view log data.

However, RAC found that managing the ELK deployment for performance and reliability turned out to take too much time because the company lacked a dedicated team to maintain the platform. As a result, competing priorities made it impossible to manage, resulting in system instability and various components having out-of-date versions. Most concerning of all, the company found that it was unable to devote the necessary time to the stack until after an incident had already occurred.

To combat these issues, RAC turned to the AI-powered log analysis platform that offers the ELK Stack as a enterprise-grade cloud service with machine learning technology.’s system includes visualizations, dashboards, and alerts that can be used to better understand Big Data.’s Cognitive Insights, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze how people are interacting with log data, proved itself to be extremely valuable as it alerted the RAC team to multiple failed root login attempts that Rent-A-Center previously had not detected. Though these attempts later turned out to be a routine scan, it left RAC’s security team confident that Cognitive Insights would be able to catch other irregularities of greater consequence in the future.

“Cognitive Insights gave us the confidence that we will be able to detect future anomalies with,” says Troy Washburn, Senior DevOps Manager of RAC.

Since employing, RAC developers have gained greater visibility and transparency into how their machines and applications are functioning in all environments up through production. Furthermore, they are able to work more quickly and more productively, enabling them to respond to issues more rapidly than ever. In essence, RAC has successfully evolved into a more agile environment with the help of’s log analysis platform.

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