Logz.io Expands Community Initiatives, releasing Sawmill and Apollo to Public

BOSTON and TEL AVIV – February 22, 2018 — Logz.io, the leading provider of AI-powered log analysis, today announced the launch of two new open source projects, Sawmill and Apollo. The two tools, which were created and used in Logz.io’s own development and data ingestion pipeline, are now being released to the public to enable the developer community to build and run log analysis environments at scale.

Logz.io offers an intelligent log analytics platform that combines advanced machine learning with the powerful open-source ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack. Their scalable platform synthesizes machine data, user behavior, and community knowledge into actionable insights that help organizations take their operations to the next level.

Being built on an open source product, Logz.io’s co-founders, Tomer Levy and Asaf Yigal, are dedicated to continuing to be a part of the grassroots open source community. The value of open source is its ability to foster creativity and boost quality among developers by enabling them to use and build on top of existing projects. The community educates one another, resulting in greater innovation.

“As members of the open source community ourselves, we are proud to release part of our code, Sawmill and Apollo, to the public,” says Logz.io CEO Tomer Levy “Our team worked endlessly to ensure these tools make data ingestion, processing, and building applications easier and more scalable. So we are very much looking forward to seeing the community take advantage of their capabilities and use them to produce their own products at scale.”

The first of Logz.io’s open source projects, Sawmill and Apollo, are being released today:

Logz.io’s Sawmill is a high performing Java library created for processing, parsing and manipulating large data-sets in a horizontally scalable manner. It can be used for various purposes, from machine data, to time series data and business data.

Logz.io’s Apollo is an advanced visual layer built on top of Kubernetes created to automate the process of deploying containers. The tool enables container orchestration for microservices, making it easier to build and deploy complex applications.

Since community initiatives are an important value of Logz.io, this is only the beginning of the company’s open source endeavors. The organization plans to roll out a suite of open source products in the future and strives to add value to this innovative community.