ELK Apps is the largest free collection of machine-generated and user-created applications for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana users

San Jose, CA & Tel Aviv, Israel – November 4, 2015 – Logz.io, the Predictive ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) log analytics cloud service company, announced today the release of ELK Apps, the largest collection of free machine-generated and user-created ELK applications in the world.

With ELK Apps, users can download apps that fully monitor and analyze logs for common applications such as Nginx, MySQL, AWS, ELB, and more. ELK Apps include saved searches, visualizations, dashboards, and alert definitions that anyone can add with one click. The apps are generated by Logz.io’s large community of users as well as the company’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms that automatically build certain applications by analyzing common use-cases.

Logz.io built ELK Apps after realizing that its users community have much in common. Many people, for example, were using similar tools and having similar goals when it came to visualizing and getting alerts on machine-generated data. Different users were creating the same dashboards for MongoDB or the same alert parameters for Apache or Nginx logs.

“It really makes no sense why every single ELK user has to do the same thing that others have already done, especially when the goals are similar,” said Logz.io cofounder and VP Product Asaf Yigal. “So, we created ELK Apps because our goal as a company is to make open source log analytics  easily accessible and simple to use.”

ELK Apps can be found here (after registering a free account): https://app.logz.io/#/apps

About Logz.io

Logz.io makes log data meaningful by offering ELK, the world’s most popular open-source log analytics platform, as a predictive, enterprise-grade software as a service. Powered by machine-learning algorithms, the platform provides real-time access to insights based on the collaborative knowledge of DevOps professionals around the world. To learn more, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+, or visit our blog.