Logz.io helps healthcare IT departments analyze log data to detect anomalies, prevent failures, and protect patient information

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and BOSTON, MA, February 27, 2017 — Logz.io announced today that the company has become the first open source powered log analytics platform to be HIPAA-compliant. Logz.io offers an AI-powered ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) which is the world’s most popular logging platform.

Already SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, a fact that helped the company land top-notch customers such as Dyn, Logz.io’s newest HIPAA compliancy reveals their commitment to security for health-related organizations. HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a federal U.S. legislation that ensures data privacy and security measures to protect medical information.

In the United States, ensuring that all private health-related data is secure is critical for healthcare operations. However, security becomes increasingly difficult to guarantee as organizations implement more and more technologies. HIPAA regulations require that any new technology employed by healthcare organizations comply with its high-security standards in order to protect personal health-related information.

As a result of Logz.io’s HIPAA compliance, the IT departments of a greater number of healthcare-related organizations will be able to use log data to obtain better insights into their systems and applications, joining the company’s existing healthcare customers such as Stanley Health and Maxwell Health. By using a HIPAA-compliant analytics platform, healthcare IT departments will have the superior capability to detect anomalies, failures, and security breaches that may later affect their patients.

“Becoming HIPAA-compliant was extremely important to us,” says Logz.io Co-founder and CEO Tomer Levy. “Healthcare institutions are undergoing a process of digital transformation through the incorporation of a greater number of technologies and real-time services. Now that Logz.io is HIPAA-compliant, we can help these companies leverage advanced analytics technologies and assist them with their digital transformations.”

With the company’s newly attained HIPAA compliance, Logz.io becomes one of the only log analysis platforms that is HIPAA-compliant for use in the healthcare field. As a result, Logz.io can help more hospitals, insurance companies, medical offices, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations to analyze log data and monitor their IT systems.

About Logz.io

Logz.io is an AI-powered log analysis platform that offers the world’s most popular logging software, the open source ELK Stack, as an enterprise-grade cloud service with machine learning technology. Visit the company’s blog on DevOps, log analysis, and ELK and follow Logz.io on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.