First ELK Solution on AWS Marketplace Gives Cloud Customers Easier Cloud Monitoring and Flexible Subscriptions

Boston and Tel Aviv–July 19, 2018–, the leading provider of AI-powered log analysis, announces the release of its intelligent log analysis platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The platform is the first and only ELK solution offered on the AWS Marketplace, giving AWS customers worldwide access to powerful capabilities for extracting actionable insights from machine data.

“With our AI-driven platform that combines data-driven insights with human knowledge, organizations are mining deeper analytics from all parts of their infrastructure and finding greater operational benefits and cost-efficiency,” says Tomer Levy, CEO. “Being available on AWS enables us to better serve our customers in strategic international markets as well as offer more flexibility in subscriptions.” offers an AI-powered log analytics platform that combines advanced machine learning with the powerful open-source ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack. The scalable platform synthesizes machine data, user behavior, and community knowledge into actionable insights that help organizations extract critical information from terabytes of data.

With on AWS Marketplace, AWS customers can take advantage of a more flexible subscription model while gaining a deeper understanding of the performance of various AWS services such as CloudWatch, S3, CloudTrail, and RDS using’s built-in integrations. In addition, users are able to ship data from an S3 bucket or use AWS Lambda and built-in Kibana dashboards to start the analysis.’s advanced machine learning is another key feature available, which enables customers to pinpoint events taking place in their AWS environment that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

On the AWS Marketplace, subscriptions are available for one, 12 and 24 month periods, with pricing determined by the amount of data shipped daily. For information, contact, or visit AWS Marketplace.