Logz.io vs datadog

Logz.io is a cost efficient alternative to Datadog for teams that love open source and require administrative controls over their users and data.

Regain control of your observability data and costs

Logz.io enables a more thoughtful approach to data optimization to ensure cost efficiency even as data volumes grow.

  • Eliminate noisy data to reduce costs: Logz.io provides the tools and hands-on expertise needed to identify and remove noisy data that drive up costs and prolong troubleshooting.
  • Optimize data storage to reduce costs: lower storage costs as data ages without impacting search performance.

  • No more surprise bills: get the visibility to monitor data usage and costs across teams and cap data volumes to prevent surprise bills.

Get end-to-end monitooring with high-powered Elasticsearch/Kibana for logging, Prometheus for metrics analytics, Jaeger for tracing.

Monthly Cost Comparison

  • $328

  • $687

*Assumes 1 GB of log data = 1.7 million logs

*Assumes 7 day log retention

*Based on Logz.io and Datadog's pricing pages on 5/4/2021

  • $210

  • $750

*Assumes one host = 350 time-series metrics

*Based on Logz.io and Datadog's pricing pages on 5/4/2021

  • $500

  • $1550

*Assumes one host = 2 million spans

*Based on Logz.io and Datadog's pricing pages on 5/4/2021

Compare the cost of Logz.io vs Datadog

In addition to the list price difference, Logz.io customers can further reduce their spend by eliminating noisy data and reducing storage costs — learn more here.

Top-down management over users, costs, & data

Enforce compliance requirements and security best practices with Logz.io’s Workplace Manager

  • Admins can organize data across teams into separate Logz.io accounts and assign user permissions to specific accounts with Role-Based Access Control.
  • Place volume caps on any account to prevent bursty data from running up costs.
  • Assign read-only, user, or admin roles.

Logz.io users are happier :)

Modern DevOps teams love Logz.io’s cost efficiency and unique open source-powered cloud monitoring. But don’t take it from us...


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Powered by the best open source for observability

Logz.io places the best open source technologies – including Prometheus and OpenTelemetry – at the center of the Logz.io user experience, providing customers with:

  • Future-proofed observability: open source observability promises interoperability and adaptability with quickly evolving cloud environments.
  • Easy-to-use integrations: Logz.io uses open source purpose-built to integrate with cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, and other popular cloud technologies.
  • Familiarity: customers use the most popular open source observability technologies – accelerating onboarding for modern teams.

Logz.io’s Customer Support acts as an extension of your team to boost productivity and observability expertise

“Logz.io is a great tool for analyzing logs... but the special thing is the support. Any time I had an issue, even if I needed help with regex expressions, the support chat helped me with understanding and patience, and was very fast.”

“Our relationship with Logz.io support is extremely transparent. Tickets are always being shared and there’s always a follow up from the account manager to make sure that our issues have been taken care of.”

See Logz.io products in action

Logz.io provides end-to-end monitoring and observability by unifying logs, metrics, traces, and security events on one scalable platform.



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