Logz.io vs LogRhythm

LogRhythm has a long history as a SIEM provider - but its products are ill-suited to address today’s modern cloud environment. Logz.io’s new approach to Cloud SIEM provides advanced threat detection delivered as a massively scalable SaaS service.

Cloud Native SIEM

  • Analyze security data at scale: rapidly identify emerging threats across the full-expanse of your cloud environment - with no performance degradation.
  • Isolate advanced threats: lightning-fast querying, multidimensional detection and deep customizable security content help you unearth and respond to critical threats.
  • Integrate with every data source: leverage integration with every relevant data source from multi-cloud to security architecture, SOAR and ticketing.

Self hosted vs logrhythm

We deliver a cloud-native SIEM that transcends legacy tools and scattershot analysis

LogRhythm takes an old-school approach delivered across multiple on-prem and cloud products, unlike Logz.io Cloud SIEM SaaS. Move beyond painful hardware updates, the overhead of operating your own data centers, or the need to stitch together multiple solutions. From the ability to handle massive data volumes to the precision to isolate critical security issues, Logz.io is designed for the modern environment.

We’re a modern SaaS, fully supported and priced to help you optimize resources

Modern SIEMs must be enabled via a constant stream of timely contextual information, while exacting the lowest impact on user resources. Logz.io Cloud SIEM offers all the advantages of a fully modern SaaS - providing content as a service, custom integrations and continuous onboarding of timely security intelligence.

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A smarter approach to cloud SIEM

Cloud data volume and complexity remain the primary obstacle to operating a SIEM
that cuts through the noise and quickly provides the insight needed to pinpoint critical threats.
Logz.io Cloud SIEM is purpose built to address these challenges.

Jonah Kowall

“Getting value from SIEM is always a challenge, in the cloud era this is even more difficult. Complexity is always increasing, along with data volumes. We’re completely committed to delivery of a modern, cloud-native SaaS SIEM, that offers the precise visibility and content that end users need.”

Jonah Kowall

CTO, and former Gartner Analyst, Logz.io

Our Cloud SIEM Customers Love Us

“Monitoring security events using Logz.io helps us to detect suspicious activity before any damage is caused, and with the right monitoring, we can detect when someone is trying to attack us and take sensitive data from our environment.”

“By the time we were done with the evaluation, Logz.io Cloud SIEM was already implemented… Before Logz.io we were being reactive and now we’re actually proactive.”

See Logz.io Cloud SIEM in action

Logz.io Cloud SIEM enables organizations to detect and investigate threats at speed and scale, enabling organizations to measurably accelerate and improve their defenses.