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Splunk put SIEM on the map. But we think modern cloud security needs a cost efficient and cloud-native alternative.

Cloud-native security monitoring made easy

Logz.io Cloud SIEM centralizes your security events onto a scalable SaaS platform, so users can get started with:

Minimal set up and configuration

Just create an account and ship data to begin flagging high-priority security events with prebuilt rules and dashboards

Automatic threat intelligence

Cross reference all of your security events with public and private threat intelligence feeds to surface malicious activity

Fast investigation

Easily scan visualizations and filter data by geo, severity, event type, technology, and many other fields to focus search


Self-Hosted vs SaaS

Logz.io Cloud SIEM runs on a true cloud-native SaaS platform. Splunk Security has an on prem architecture that can run on VMs. Here is what that means for you...

Logz.io users are happier :)

Modern security teams love Logz.io’s cost efficiency, simplicity, and open source-powered cloud monitoring. But don’t take it from us...
Meet Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Ease of Admin
Quality of Support
Ease of doing business with
Product Direction

Logz.io’s dedicated analysts act as an extension of your security team — at no extra cost

“Logz.io’s team swiftly helped us create dashboards...they also went further to help us cut costs.”

“The special thing is the support. Any time I had an issue, even when I needed help with regex expressions, the support chat helped me with understanding and patience, and was very fast.”

A Consumption-Based Pricing Model


Per daily ingested GB of log data*

Includes Logz.io Log Management

  • Enrich your logs with security insights to identify and investigate threats
  • Security rules and dashboards for AWS, Azure, HashiCorp, Okta, CheckPoint, Palo Alto Networks, and many more
  • Consolidate, prioritize, and investigate security events
  • HIPPA, GDPR, PCI, ISO27001, and SOC-2
  • Detect threats by cross references incoming logs against public and private threat feeds
  • Alert on logs and log sequences indicating malicious activity with endpoints like Slack and PagerDuty

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