Webinar – Best Practices and Pitfalls for Monitoring Azure Environments with Open Source Tools

  • Overview

Many modern DevOps teams use open-source tools to monitor their environment. While these tools are ideal for cloud-native platforms, they’re difficult to manage and maintain—especially at scale. But what if there were a way to spend less time managing your open-source monitoring tools, and more time developing and growing your core business?

Cloud Solution Architect Idan Shahar and Open Source Lead Adir Ron, from Microsoft, join Logz.io product evangelist Dotan Horovits to share how access to the most popular open source tools in a single platform maximizes your DevOps team productivity when they’re monitoring Microsoft Azure environment for production issues.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Explore the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of using open-source tools to monitor modern cloud-native environments.
  • Learn how DevOps teams can continue using the tools they prefer—without operational complexity and costs.
  • Discover how to eliminate the overhead required to run open source.