Modern AWS Monitoring and Analytics

Modern AWS Monitoring and Analytics

Prometheus is widely loved and used by engineers

Why? Because of its simple architecture, powerful integrations with cloud-native environments, and, of course, it’s open source. But building and maintaining a scalable Prometheus deployment can be time-consuming. Plus, monitoring and troubleshooting is easier and faster when metrics, logs, and traces are analyzed and correlated together, not in silos.

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  • How to centralize your Prometheus metrics onto’s scalable SaaS platform.
  • How to unify your Prometheus metrics with logs and traces for end-to-end observability.
  • The capabilities builds on top of Prometheus for easier metrics visualization and faster investigation.

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The Cloud-Native Observability Platform
High-powered open source monitoring tools unified on a scalable SaaS platform. Monitor the health and performance of modern infrastructure and applications, at any scale.
Log Management
Collect log data at any scale for rapid searching, troubleshooting, and investigation.
Centralize your Prometheus metrics on’s scalable platform. Monitor metric data with real-time dashboards.
Distributed Tracing
Trace your application requests to isolate problems and bottlenecks within your microservices architecture.
Cloud SIEM
Collect, prioritize, and quickly investigate security events from across your stack with Cloud SIEM.
Why Our Customers Love Us has been invaluable in reducing our time to resolution and fixing live issues, without having to log into servers to find logs.
Steve Elliott
Head of Engineering, SpareRoom
Using, we have cut troubleshooting time by 50% and speeded up the time to market of new features.
Asaf Kotzer
Chief Architect, Soluto
Why Our Customers Love Us
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