What You Need to Know About Logz.io’s Prometheus-as-a-Service




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Logz.io recently announced General Availability for Prometheus-as-a-service. In this webinar, we’ll help Prometheus users understand the advantages of offloading Prometheus metrics storage to Logz.io, as well as unifying metrics alongside logs and traces.


Expect to learn more about:

  • Common implementations, challenges, and requirements for running Prometheus at scale
  • How to weigh the benefits of a cloud service vs managing your own Prometheus
  • The simple migration from Prometheus to Logz.io
  • The dashboarding and advanced analytics we’ve built on top of Prometheus to help teams find production issues faster.

About The Speakers

Roy Nuriel, Senior Director of Products, Logz.io

Charlie Klein

Charlie Klein, Product Marketing Manager, Logz.io

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