Webinar – Simplified Monitoring for AKS Deployments with Logz.io



Simplified Monitoring for AKS Deployments with Logz.io


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To deliver reliable, performant, and secure microservices on AKS, DevOps teams must be prepared to identify and fix production issues before they impact customer experiences. However, considering the scale and variety of log data generated by modern AKS deployments, gaining observability into AKS and the applications it powers is a significant data analytics challenge.

To fully understand what is happening in their production environment and quickly respond to production issues or security incidents, teams must be equipped to identify critical logs and seamlessly investigate them to conduct fast root-cause analysis.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Logz.io helps DevOps teams:

  • Quickly set up logging pipelines with Azure-native log shipping integrations and out-of-the-box AKS log data visualizations.
  • Proactively monitor their AKS environments for production issues and security incidents with AI-powered anomaly detection and automated alerting.
  • Perform fast, effective root-cause analysis by actively helping engineers drill down into the log data that matters most.

About The Speaker

Paul Yuknewicz

Paul Yuknewicz, Product Manager, Microsoft

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