How to Achieve Full Observability in Minutes

Feb 13, 2024
Amazon Development Center (Netherlands) B.V. The Cloud Amsterdam Mr. Treublaan 7, 4th floor, 1097 DP Amsterdam

A Hands-On Workshop on How to Achieve Full-Stack Observability in Minutes

The data in your AWS environment and workloads conveys important information about your technology stack performance and security. But noisy, incomplete, or siloed data prevents engineers from accessing the insights they need to spot problems, troubleshoot quickly, and improve performance. 

Join us for a hands-on immersion day geared toward DevOps/SRE teams exploring how’s Open 360™ observability platform cuts through the noise with a single-pane view of all incoming data to improve the health, performance, and security of your entire stack.

You’ll learn the essentials of unified, cost-efficient, and easy observability. Then, experience how to uncover root cause production issues faster with your favorite open source tools, unified telemetry data, and correlated data analytics.

During the workshop, you’ll:  

  • Create an Amazon EKS Cluster
  • Collect your logs, metrics, and traces data
  • Deploy OpenTelemetry Demo application
  • See how an observability platform can help you:
    • Monitor application performance
    • Get application insights
    • Work with telemetry data to uncover and resolve issue by: searching logs, visualizing your data, creating alerts, etc.

Register today and mark your calendar to understand the simplicity and speed of Open 360 Observability powered by AWS OpenSearch. 


Aleksey Dalmatov
Aleksey Dalmatov
Success Engineer,
Chen Bekor
Chen Bekor
Principal Solutions Architect, AWS