Taming Observability Costs as Workloads Grow

85% of devops pros use multiple tools to monitor their data.

Observability sprawl is real, with real costs. Dumping all your data into one or more tools is disorganized and expensive. If you use a solution like Datadog or New Relic, you’re feeding your budget to a big data monster, paying for data you never use, and making your life more difficult than it needs to be.

Join Logz.io CEO, Tomer Levy, and CTO, Asaf Yigal, on May 23 at 3 PM IDT or May 24 at 11 AM EDT to learn how to:

  • Organize your data into Smart Tiers to align your data’s value to its cost
  • Reduce indexing costs by converting logs to metrics
  • Ensure you’re only observing the data you need, and nothing you don’t
  • And more!


Tomer Levy
Tomer Levy
CEO & Co-Founder
Asaf Yigal
Asaf Yigal
CTO & Co-Founder