ELK is hard.

logz.io makes it easy.

Focus your team on the core business,
not your ELK Stack.

Logz.io offers the most popular logging solution in the world, the ELK Stack, on a fully managed SaaS platform. Say goodbye to ELK management, scaling, and upgrading. Leave that to us.

Hosting Infrastructure & cluster management

Scaling log ingestion & storage

Log Parsing

Performance tuning

upgrading & patching software

enterprise security & compliance


Your Responsibility

Managed ELK

Handled for you

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“We had already tried an in-house ELK deployment, and the move to Logz.io has proven itself as being extremely valuable to us. [It] has saved us both time and money we would otherwise have to spend on maintaining our own system.”

DevOps Engineer,


“We selected Logz.io as our logging provider because of the familiarity with the ELK stack, and in addition, because Logz.io offered a lot of cost savings plus the added benefit of not having to manage the infrastructure.”

CTO, Forbes

“Moving to [Logz.io] allowed us to not have to worry about scale, know that we were able to scale when we needed to, and leave it in the hands of the experts as opposed to our own staff having to maintain our own solution.”

Director of Software Development,

Oracle & Dyn

A fully managed
 ELK Stack

Kibana search & visualization

Prebuilt Logging Dashboards

ML Analytics:
 Patterns & Cognitive Insights

Alerting Engine

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