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Delivering reliable services starts with observability

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are on the hook to deliver reliable, performant, and secure services to their customers. Production issues or security incidents can threaten SLAs, customer contracts, and ultimately business reputations. To state the obvious, MSPs need to understand what is going on in their environment so they can effectively identify and diagnose production issues before they impact customers. This is the idea behind “observability.”

To gain observability into their environments, MSPs must proactively monitor for logged events that could indicate larger production issues and be prepared to investigate those logs to quickly understand the root-cause of these issues. The challenge here is focusing on the logs that are most relevant to a potential production issue in a sea of of log data generated by modern production environments.

This is especially true in environments powered by technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. The constant change and interaction between containers in a microservices environment produces a barrage of log data, which can make finding the logs that describe production issues extremely difficult. The best “observability solutions” will help MSPs quickly identify the most critical log information in this log data sea.

But not just any solution that helps customers quickly identify and respond to production issues will work for MSPs. Monitoring and troubleshooting solutions must be flexible enough to quickly onboard new customers and seamlessly scale up or down with the spikes and dips in log data. Any friction caused by setting up new logging pipelines, onboarding new customers, or managing multiple accounts on a single platform are unlikely to support the business use-cases required by MSPs.

Logz.io: Seamless Observability

Logz.io makes it easy for MSPs to gain observability into their customers’ environments. Delivered as a fully-managed service, MSPs can easily configure log shippers to ship data to Logz.io – where it is automatically aggregated, parsed, and indexed so it can be queried and analyzed. 

This whitepaper will provide an overview of how Logz.io provides MSPs with seamless observability so they can deliver better services. More specifically, it will examine Logz.io’s architecture, MSP use-cases, and how to set up logging pipelines in your cloud environment. Readers will learn:

  • How Logz.io helps MSPs quickly identify and respond to production issues by giving them visibility into, and control over, their log data.
  • How Logz.io provides the operational flexibility to seamlessly monitor multiple accounts in a single platform for different kinds of MSP business use-cases.
  • About Logz.io’s architecture, and how it ensures compliance, security, and reliability.

Download the whitepaper to learn how Logz.io makes monitoring for production issues easier, and troubleshooting those issues faster.

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