The Future of Simple, Cost-effective Observability

Asaf and I founded in 2015 to provide developers with the ultimate open source log management experience. With our product, logging with the ELK Stack was simple, efficient, and automated for the first time – so customers could save engineering costs and accelerate MTTR.

Why Only Looking at Logs Isn’t Enough

While improved visibility into complex systems, we realized logging only told part of the story. We knew that by unifying log, metric, and trace data on a single observability platform, could provide a more complete picture into what was happening in production, and why.

We’ve found that typical logging challenges also apply to observability: existing implementations are burdensome, siloed, and most of all, costly. As telemetry data volumes explode, processing and storing all this information leaves an enormous and expensive computing footprint.

A Comprehensive Observability Solution

So we launched Open 360™ that makes the same straightforward promise as before – to enable a simple and more cost-effective way to get critical insights from your data.

To deliver this promise, our observability platform is built from the bottom up to save costs, using:

  • Data optimization: Have you ever seen the contents of all your telemetry data? Most haven’t, and are shocked to learn that most of it is junk (despite costing the same as all your other data!). Data Optimization Hub makes it easy to inventory and de-prioritize useless data, which typically reduces 30-50% of costs.
  • Open source technology: We deliver the only solution that unifies leading open source technologies for log, metric, and trace analysis on a single platform. Not only does this strategy enable interoperability with quickly evolving cloud environments, it also allows us to significantly reduce costs compared to proprietary vendors that build their solution from scratch.
  • LogMetrics: Reducing the size of log indexes is paramount to reducing observability costs. With just a click, LogMetrics converts logs into metrics, which provides the same log monitoring insights while significantly lowering costs. Even as data volumes grow, the cost of LogMetrics remains flat.
  • Cold Search: The tradeoff between log search performance and storage costs is as old as log management. is providing high performance at the cost of cold storage for the first time.

How You Can Reduce Observability Costs Today

To examine the many causes of rising telemetry data volumes and costs, and how to get around them, Asaf and I sat down to discuss the core problems with observability implementations. Check it out below.

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