Logz.io is excited to announce the 2020 Cloud Observability Webinar Series focused on DevOps, Open Source, and Observability! It’s certainly harder to attend interesting events in person these days. However, learning the same content you would at meetups and conferences for delivery of more reliable, performant, and secure services shouldn’t have to be. 

Click here to register and to see the webinar series schedule.

This series will offer a webinar every Wednesday until the end of June. We will cover subjects like Kubernetes monitoring best practices for using the latest version of Kibana, and monitoring metrics from AWS and Azure. Expect to hear from Logz.io Product Managers, Engineers, Customer Success Engineers, and from our partners as well. 

Here is a list of webinars we currently have scheduled:

  • Quickly Identify and Resolve Kubernetes Production Issues with Logz.io, presented by Charlie Klein, Product Marketing Manager at Logz.io
  • How Logz.io Engineers use Logz.io, presented by Roi Ravhon, Director of Core Engineering at Logz.io
  • Introduction to Azure Observability with Logz.io, presented by Charlie Klein, Product Marketing Manager at Logz.io, and Shahar Kodraty, Director of Technical Alliances at Logz.io
  • Introducing GA for Logz.io Infrastructure Monitoring! Presented by Roy Nuriel, Senior Product Manager for Infrastructure Monitoring
  • The Key Differences between Kibana 6 and Kibana 7, presented by Arie Fishler, Product Manager for Log Management
  • Monitoring AKS with Logz.io, presented by Asaf Yigal, VP of Product at Logz.io and Jessica Deen, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Of course, we’ll have many more to come! Go to the Cloud Observability Webinar Series landing page and enter your email address to stay updated for upcoming webinars that fit your schedule on DevOps, open source, and observability.

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