Machine Understanding as a Service

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Demystifying Kibana Searches

A short guide to Kibana searches.

Working with ELK Apps in

Learn about ELK Apps - a free gallery of pre-made searches, visualizations and dashboards for KIbana.

Log Analysis with

Take a deeper look into in this short demo of how to perform end-to-end log analyze with visualizations, alerts and more. [...]

The DevOps Toolbox – Open Source Log Analytics cofounders Tomer Levy and Asaf Yigal discuss how to do log analytics with the ELK stack at a DevOps meetup held by Akamai Technologies. [...]

Proactive Log Analysis with

Learn how to get notifications for logs in your environment using the alerting mechanism.

Creating Kibana Visualizations

Learn how to create a new Kibana visualization for Apache response errors using built-in and extra features.

The Value of Kibana 4 in Log Analysis cofounder and VP Product Asaf Yigal presents at DevOps Summit in Silicon Valley. He provides a hands-on tutorial on how to set up Kibana [...]


An overview of what is all about - ELK-based and enterprise-grade log analytics on the cloud.

Treasure Data Brings Machine Learning to ELK as a Service

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to bring this level of analytic sophistication to your Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana service using Treasure Data, Fluentd, [...]