ChatOps Tool Integrates with Slack for real-time Kibana Queries, Alerts, and Kibana Dashboards

Boston and Tel Aviv — August 22, 2018 —, the leader in AI-powered log analysis, releases Alice, a new Slack-based ChatOps solution that empowers DevOps teams to easily accelerate collaboration and data exploration in a manner that is flexible and accessible on-the-go. The tool enables DevOps teams to implement a ChatOps approach to logging and monitoring directly within Slack and remain connected regardless of their location.

“Core distinguishing tenets of DevOps as a practice and culture are communication and collaboration,” says VP Product, Asaf Yigal, “We are therefore proud to release a new tool which facilitates these important aspects of DevOps. Alice makes it easy for teams to attain insights from their environment within Slack, right where the majority of work-based conversations take place.”

Teams using Slack and can utilize Alice directly in their Slack directory to perform Kibana queries, see the alerts triggered in their environment, and get a snapshot of a Kibana visualization and dashboard. By incorporating these capabilities into a messaging system already commonly used in DevOps, the tool enables teams to improve collaboration whether in the office or remote locations. This creates more flexible options for handling day-to-day operations. In addition, it also adds an important component to the ChatOps model at organizations using They are now able to combine their infrastructure analytics information with other ongoing collaborations to expand the automation and cohesion of workflows. The company intends to add more collaboration and advanced analytics into Alice later this year.

Highly customizable to suit specific business needs, Alice is an open source project built on BotKit and is based upon’s public API. Once Alice is configured, users can easily command Alice by using the @Alice function. Alice can also be added to specific Slack channels to help each team better interact with their data. Learn more about how to install and use Alice in’s explanatory blog post and video or contact for more information.