Setting the Standard for Essential Observability: Earns 20+ Fall G2 Badges is thrilled to have earned over 20 Fall 2023 G2 Badges for our Open 360™ essential observability platform!

G2 Research is a tech marketplace where people can discover, review, and manage the software they need to reach their potential. We’ve earned the following Fall 2023 G2 Badges for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Log Analysis:


  • Easiest Setup Mid-Market
  • Easiest to Use Mid-Market
  • High Performer Mid-Market
  • Highest User Adoption Mid-Market
  • High Performer
  • Users Love Us

Log Analysis

  • Highest User Adoption Mid-Market
  • Easiest Setup Small-Business
  • Easiest to Use Small-Business
  • Easiest to Do Business With Small-Business
  • High Performer Small-Business
  • High Performer Mid-Market
  • High Performer Europe
  • High Performer Mid-Market EMEA
  • Users Love Us
  • Leader

Additionally, earned Fall 2023 G2 Badges in the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, SIEM, Log Monitoring and Observability Solution Suites categories.

We’re excited for market validation of what we hear from many of our customers: we provide a path to essential observability for customers through a platform that’s easy to use, implement, scale and manage.

As noted by our new badges above, customers have lots of great things to say about using the Open 360 platform, and the support they receive while using it. 

We’ve built our Customer Support service to be an extension of your own team’s observability expertise. We can provide immediate help implementing best practices and overcoming technical roadblocks including sending data, setting up dashboards or alerts, and other tasks.

Support can also help with some of your most-needed observability tasks. Your log and security data can be parsed by engineers in minutes thanks to our parsing-as-a-service capabilities.

We aim to provide support fast, because we know that any disruption to your business can have a significant impact. You can talk to a engineer by simply clicking on the chat button within the product, with a median response time of 40 seconds.

You don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to the level of Customer Support we provide. Below is a look at what several customers have had to say about our support in their reviews left on G2.

Here’s What Customers Say About Our Support on G2!

“ has a clear interface that makes it easy to navigate and consolidate logs from different environments.”

“Excellent Log Aggregation Platform at a Very Affordable Price!”

“I really love the fact that the first line support is quick. Whenever I ask them a question (any time a day), I get a response within 5 minutes. And I do get the feeling that the first line support is also really capable of answering your questions.”

“A level of support which will simply blow your mind.”

If you want to experience’s mind-blowing customer support yourself, get started with the Open 360 platform today by signing up for a free trial.

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