Novermber 10, 2020 | 9AM–12PM EST

Scale up
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A Global Online Event for DevOps Professionals & Open Source Advocates

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Scale Up is the first industry conference uniquely designed for Engineering, DevOps and SRE professionals.

The conference will explore the best practices and emerging technologies for monitoring distributed cloud workloads and complex cloud native architecture, as well as Logz.io’s vision around the open source approach to observability.

The conference is open for early registrations, the full agenda and speakers list will be announced shortly.

Why to Attend?

Learn how leading companies have scaled their monitoring stacks in order to increase developer productivity.

Hear from modern teams how they’ve streamlined processes to fix production incidents by unifying logs, metrics, and traces.

Get concrete examples of how ML and AI can automate data analysis and insights generation.

Speakers & Agenda

To Be Announced

ScaleUp 2020 will feature industry experts, open source community advocates and Logz.io champion users.

Join the conference for interactive panel discussions, groundbreaking product demonstrations, technical use case sessions, and live, moderated conversations.

Would you like to suggest a topic for the Q&A sessions or to speak at the event?

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Scale Up

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