Live log tailing in Kibana

See your data in real time, streaming from multiple data sources.

Kibana is a great tool for analyzing and visualizing log data. Sometimes, however, all you want to do is tail -f specific log files.’s Live Tail adds this capability to Kibana, giving you the ability to tail your logs from the same interface.
Just hit play! View all logs being shipped in real time in their raw format
Supports REGEX filtering, color highlighting and searching
Control and view the data stream with scrolling and keyboard shortcuts

Debug without leaving Kibana

Deployed new code and want to analyze its effect? With Live Tail, you will be able to see new errors as they are being logged in real-time without having to leave Kibana, separately open a terminal, and manually tail all the relevant files.

Pinpoint the data that matters

Live Tail supports a variety of ways for analyzing the data stream -- use REGEX patterns to filter the stream or use colors to highlight syntax within the stream to help identify specific bits of data.

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