Powerful Kibana Dashboards with ELK as a Service

Minimal set up, no maintenance, any scale

Logging is faster and easier with our high-powered ELK Stack

Ship logs with flexible open source technologies like Filebeat, Fluentd, FluentBit, or others

Leverage features we’ve built on top of ELK to make troubleshooting faster

Investigate logs with intuitive search filters and lightning-fast performance, visualize them on beautiful Kibana dashboards


Identify and investigate problems faster with Logz.io’s AI/ML

  • Logz.io Insights: Our unique human-coached AI/ML knows which error and exception logs matter most to engineers by examining online forums like StackOverflow and GitHub
  • Logz.io Log Patterns: Log Patterns automatically clusters similar logs into manageable groups so you can make sense of your logs faster

Reduce logging costs with smarter log storage

Distribute your data across storage tiers to optimize costs:

  • Real-time Tier: High-availability and high-performance log storage for your recent logs
  • Smart Tier: As logs age, move them to the more cost efficient and slightly less available Smart Tier
  • Historical tier: Use cheap cloud storage (S3 or Blob) to archive logs for long periods - reingest them back into Logz.io at any time

Real-time alerting

  • Configure alerts based on your logs, metrics, and traces to stay notified of critical events
  • The most flexible alerts out there: duplicate them, test them, and send them to any end-point
  • Correlate alerts to identify specific sequences of events

Products & Plans


1 day of log retention


Collect small log volumes with advanced analytics:

  • A fully managed and auto scaling ELK Stack
  • Up to 1 GB of log data
  • 10 alerts
  • Kibana’s powerful search and visualization capabilities
  • ML-powered analytics: Cognitive Insights

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Per GB, starting at daily 2 GB

Powerful, cost efficient log analytics at any scale:

  • All Community features, no Community restrictions
  • Use multiple log storage options to reduce logging costs with Logz.io Smart Tiering
  • Extensive API
  • SSO and SAML
  • SOC-2, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001

*Billed annually or monthly for 1.2x the cost

*On-Demand Pricing


Customized to your needs


Highly controlled and compliant logging:

  • All Pro features
  • Enterprise cluster
  • IP Login Restrictions
  • PCI compliance

*Billed annually



per 1000 time-series metrics / per month

Centralize, monitor, and alert on your metrics in one place:

  • Prometheus-as-a-service:
    Forward Prometheus metrics to Logz.io for storage and analysis
  • Prometheus data filtering: we'll help you filter out the metrics that you don't monitor on your dashboards to reduce your costs
  • 18 months data retention
  • Visualize your metrics on monitoring dashboards with PromQL
  • Configure alerts to monitor metrics and send notifications to Slack, PagerDuty, and other endpoints
  • Correlate metrics with the associated logs and traces to investigate problems faster
  • Migrate existing Grafana dashboards to Logz.io with bulk import


from $1.27

Per indexed GB, starting at daily 2 GB

Price includes Logz.io Log Management

Scale your security analytics without compromising on cost:

  • Enrich your logs with security insights to identify and investigate threats
  • Use multiple log storage options to reduce your SIEM costs with Smart Tiering
  • Consolidate security events across your environment with integrations for AWS, Azure, HashiCorp, Okta, CheckPoint, Palo Alto Networks, and many more
  • Detect threats by cross references incoming logs against public and private threat feeds and security rules
  • Alert on logs and log sequences indicating malicious activity with endpoints like Slack and PagerDuty
  • HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, ISO27001, and SOC-2

*Billed annually or monthly at 1.2x the cost

*On-Demand Pricing



Per million spans, per month*

Trace application transactions from end-to-end. Isolate problems faster in your microservices:

  • Use Jaeger - a quickly growing open source tracing tool — as a managed service
  • Compatible with OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and the new OpenTelemetry
  • Trace-log correlation
  • Real-time alerting
  • SSO and SAML
  • Multi teams and role management
  • Enterprise security and compliance

*Billed annually or monthly at 1.2x the cost

*Host-based pricing assumes 2 million spans per host ($10 per host)

*On-Demand Pricing

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“Logz.io has been a key ingredient in turning root cause analysis into a matter of minutes”

Anton Drukh

VP of Engineering at Snyk

“One of our developers named Logz.io together with his IDE as the tool that best boosted his productivity over the past year”

Erez Lotan

Chief Architect at Kenshoo

“Logz.io's team swiftly helped us create dashboards...they also went further to help us cut costs"

Vadim Supitskiy

Chief Technology Officer at Forbes