The Real Power of ELK with Powerful Kibana Dashboards

Log Management

Based on the ELK Stack

Infrastructure Monitoring

Based on the Open Source Grafana

Cloud SIEM

Based on the ELK Stack

Distributed Tracing

Based on Jaeger


Browse through hundreds of Kibana objects, dashboards and visualizations’s ELK Apps are a free collection of premade Kibana objects, including searches, alerts, visualizations and dashboards that saves you valuable time.

  • Easy setup Simply hit the Install button to deploy it in Kibana. Use premade solutions for commonly used log types including AWS services, Docker, Apache, Nginx, IIS, Beats, and more.
  • Contribute your dashboard Got a dashboard visualization you want to share? Help us build this collection by submitting it to ELK Apps.


Get notified in real time with Kibana alerts

Getting notified when critical events are taking place in your environment is crucial for fast and effective monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Application Insights™, Cognitive Insights™ Leverage AI-powered anomaly detection to uncover otherwise overlooked events and identify new errors
  • Fight alert fatigue Customize the format of the alert to ensure your alerts displays the data that matters
  • Ring the bell! Notify your team Email the alert out or use our integrations with popular messaging and incident management platforms as Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat, and more


ELK Without the Hassle

  • Easy Shipping & Automatic Parsing Index unlimited amounts of data using automatic parsing of common log types
  • Enterprise Management Capabilities Add as many users to your account as you see fit, segregate them into sub-accounts, manage different permissions and more
  • Top-Notch Customer Support We take care of the entire data ingestion pipeline and offer 24/7 chat support

Migrate From Your ELK Stack to Ours in 5 Simple Steps

So how much is it?


1 day of log retention


Collect small log volumes with advanced analytics:

  • A fully managed and auto scaling ELK Stack
  • Index up to 1 GB of log data
  • 10 alerts
  • Kibana’s powerful search and visualization capabilities
  • ML-powered analytics: Cognitive Insights

Most Popular



Per indexed GB, starting at daily 2 GB

Powerful, cost efficient log analytics at any scale:

  • All Community features, no Community restrictions
  • Drop filters and archiving for cost efficiency
  • Extensive API
  • SSO and SAML
  • SOC-2, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001

*Billed annually or monthly for 1.4x the cost


Customized to your needs


Highly controlled and compliant logging:

  • All Pro features
  • Enterprise cluster
  • IP Login Restrictions
  • PCI compliance

*Billed annually

“We selected as our logging provider because of the familiarity with the ELK stack, and in addition, because offered a lot of cost savings plus the added benefit of not having to manage the infrastructure.”

“Moving to [] allowed us to not have to worry about scale, know that we were able to scale when we needed to, and leave it in the hands of the experts as opposed to our own staff having to maintain our own solution.”