MAY 11, 2021


Observability Into Your Containerized Workloads

with AWS &


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Struggling to gain observability into your containerized workloads? You’re not alone.

Everyone is moving to containers nowadays, the adoption of Kubernetes is skyrocketing, and the variety of open source solutions is staggering. Running them in production, however, brings about a host of challenges in managing and monitoring at scale, or sometimes even in keeping track of your microservices architecture.

Vipin Mohan, Global Segment Lead for Containers, Partner Ecosystem at AWS, will join Dotan Horovits, Product Evangelist at, to discuss the challenges and best practices in gaining observability into your AWS containerized workloads. Whether you’re using EKS, ECS, Fargate or even self-managed Kubernetes, we’ll review which open source tools are most helpful to you, as well as how to eliminate the overhead required to run open source yourself.

About the speakers

Vipin Mohan

Global Segment Lead (Containers), 
Partner Ecosystem at AWS

Dotan Horovits

Product Evangelist,

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