Welcome to the Logz.io DevOps Pulse 2021!

What is DevOps Pulse?

DevOps Pulse is Logz.io’s annual survey of the DevOps industry, analyzing key trends, points of interest, and challenges that developers experience every day. See last year’s results here.

Who is Logz.io?

Logz.io is a cloud observability platform for modern engineering teams. The Logz.io platform consists of four products—Log Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, Cloud SIEM, and Distributed Tracing — that work together to unify the jobs of monitoring, troubleshooting, and security.

Take the Survey!

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In December 2021, we will conduct a raffle and one participant will be eligible to receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card, subject to the terms below and to the Amazon.com Gift Card Terms and Conditions:
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