Compare ELK-Based Monitoring Solutions

Thinking about using the ELK stack to monitor your apps? Great Choice! The ELK stack is the world’s most popular log management and log analysis platform . And for good reason: it’s open source foundation, performance, and analysis capabilities make it a logical choice. But deploying the ELK Stack on your own involves much more than simply installing Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats.

Deploying a production ELK Stack requires designing for resiliency, high availability and security. It means figuring out alerting, archiving, and upgrades. And this is just the beginning -- as your business grows, you will need to scale your stack to handle the growth in data. More instances, more storage, more infrastructure firepower.

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So What ELK Options Do You Have?

Hosting Infrastructure

Monitoring & optimizng ingestion

Cluster management (CPU, Shards, Memory)

Data Parsing

Security & Compliance

Support & Training


SLA / uptime guarantee

AI-Powered troubleshooting

DIY Open Source

Install, configure and maintain ELK on your own, either on-prem or the cloud

Your Responsibility

Hosted ELK

Use an ELK solution that hosts the underlying infrastructure for you.

Handled For you

Your Responsibility

Fully Managed

Use an ELK solution that provides an end-to-end service.

Handled For you

Try it For Yourself


A fully managed ELK solution handles all the aspects of running the stack — from ingestion to processing to scaling to monitoring to security to…well, you get the idea.

No need to worry about configuring fancy groks for parsing your data, monitoring lags in Kafka or scaling your Elasticsearch clusters — all of this is provided as part of one holistic service that allows you to focus on what matters most to you and your business — building amazing software! The less you’re distracted by extraneous and time-consuming tasks, the more productive you are, and the more value you deliver.

Simply put, is monitoring based on ELK the way engineers wish it could be.

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“ stood out to us in the log analytics space for its scalability and flexibility, and the fact that it’s built on a popular open source platform means we can take advantage of a huge set of skills without needing to build anything proprietary. In a complex environment like ours, having a tool that gives us complete visibility and intelligent insights is invaluable to ensuring our operations run smoothly.״

Joseph Poirier,
Director, Cloud Platform